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Veterinary Services in Cherry Hill, NJ

At Animal and Bird Health Care Center, your domestic & exotic pets are in good hands. Skilled and compassionate veterinary staff are available to help when needed. Hope to see you soon!

Our Veterinary Services

Animal & Bird Health Care Center aims to keep your pets as healthy as possible. We recommend routine pet examinations, vaccinations, and more to give your pets the best chance at healthy lives. We are also here to help whenever your pets are not feeling well.

Wellness & Vaccine for Dog & Cat

We provide lifelong guidance for your pets, from puppy/kitten to senior stages, to ensure their optimal health and happiness.


Our doctors and technicians have been given advanced training to allow us to offer the best options for maintaining or restoring your pet’s dental health.


At the Animal & Bird Health Care Center great care is taken that nothing interferes with continued patient monitoring whenever anesthesia or sedation is needed.


At Animal & Bird Health Care Center, we have two high-resolution digital X-ray units that provide quality diagnostic images with lower radiation levels.


Microchipping is a safe and effective way to identify and track pets. A small microchip is implanted under their skin, enabling their secure return if they get lost.

Laser Therapy

Animal and Bird Health Care Center offers sophisticated Laser Therapy for pets, a non-invasive treatment that reduces pain, and inflammation, and promotes healing.


Animal & Bird Health Care Center ensures safe and comfortable anesthetic treatments for pets during surgeries, dental procedures, and other operations.

Avian Health Care

Proper behavior, feeding, handling, and other factors will keep your bird healthy. Our fully qualified doctors and support team are ready to help you.

Small Mammal Health Care

Each of the small mammal species with which we work has specific needs that our Veterinary team members are eager to assist you with.

Reptile Health Care

A wide range of reptiles are kept as pets. Allow our team to guide you through the right care of your scaled companion.

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