Veterinarian Service


Animal and Bird Health Care Center provides comprehensive diagnostic imaging services for animals and birds, combining cutting-edge technology and expertise to give precise diagnoses and compassionate care.


At the Animal & Bird Health Care Center we have two digital x-ray units. Both are high-resolution machines that allow us to obtain quality diagnostic images with lower levels of radiation.

Why two units – each serves a separate purpose.

Our primary unit takes images up to 14 by 17 inches. This allows us to take images similar to the type you would see when a radiograph is being taken of yourself.

A few of the reasons we might use this machine are

  • Limping or non-weight-bearing
  • Vomiting
  • Distended abdomen
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Rabbit with gastrointestinal stasis
  • Bird with a wing injury
Our Veterinary Team

Our second unit is a dental X-ray machine.

While designed for our dental suite, it is ideal for capturing smaller images such as

  • Toe injury on a bird
  • Smaller reptiles
  • Ferret tail tumor